Jonathan P. Larson, Author of Making Friends among the Taliban
Jonathan P. Larson, Author of Making Friends among the Taliban

Jonathan Larson

Making Friends among the TalibanJonathan Larson, whose life story straddles four continents, was Daniel Terry's trail mate in their earliest years together at school in the Himalayan foothills. When Dan and nine other humanitarian workers were killed in remote Afghanistan in 2010, Jonathan set out to uncover the back story of his childhood friend who had survived nearly 40 years in the maelstrom of Central Asia.

There he discovered a story of heroic peacemaking. The most compelling witnesses of this story were not so much his western colleagues, but Afghan Muslims who found a rare friendship with him, an American Methodist, as they wandered and worked in the Hindu Kush together.
Weaving Life (DVD)
Jonathan’s experience acquiring interviews and eyewitness accounts on Dan’s life and relationships left an impression he knew needed to be shared with others. This led him to write Making Friends among the Taliban, a beautiful retelling of Dan’s improbable and inspiring story.
Jonathan is also a featured interviewee and consulting producer on Weaving Life, a documentary about Dan’s incredible way of creating friendships in a war torn country, airing on ABC-TV through Dec. 16, 2012 and produced in partnership with Paulette Moore and Eastern Mennonite University. Check local airing times here.